We Shadows – Part 1: Chasing Dreams

Sorry for the long hiatus 🙂 I’ve been working on a big project. Which is almost done. Part 1 is out with a couple’ve alpha readers now and part 2 is in the final edit stage. For those who are interested, this is the blurb for part 1:

Three cousins, each drawn to magic, discover the dangers of coming to the attention of the invisible world – and help save the world they know in the process.

Magic is like music; anyone can learn to use it. Trouble is, using magic attracts the attention of the magical powers of the world, and that isn’t always healthy. What if the reason you never hear about people who can genuinely use magic, who can change their luck by wishing or talk to the spirits of trees or mountains and sometimes get answers, is that those people are prey for the biggest magical predators there are. The ones who used to be human.

Robin has always believed in magic, but she didn’t used to believe in the fey. Now the fey have noticed her, and life has suddenly gotten complicated. When her best friend and her cousin go missing, Robin has to decide if any of the fey who are suddenly interested in her for reasons they won’t explain are trustworthy enough to ask for help.

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