Really not dead

March 11, 2018 Danielle 0

Neither the author nor the blog 🙂 I just got distracted finishing up novel #1, and by changing my day job for an alternative day job which is more interesting but does take a bit mroe time and energy to keep on top of.

The novel (new working title is No Reflections) is finished, is in the final stages of beta reading & editing, and will be published.. soon. In the next month or so. Definitely before the end of June.

In other news, I’ve started novel #2 and I have outlines for another 3 in the same world. They’re not direct sequels, but the plots are linked and some characters make guest appearances.

I will try to be better about posting here, even if it’s just snippets and news, and possibly options for cover art. Does anyone know a good artist who won’t charge me $$$$ for something decent for an urban fantasy novel cover?