Mermaid Sushi Eternal!

January 11, 2017 Danielle 0

I did one of those FaceBook ‘use the initials of your name to find your whatever’ things, to find the name of my personal anime series. The result: Mermaid Sushi Eternal! Which sounds kinda creepy, and led to the following idea/writing prompt (for an ongoing series / serial):


The safety and sanctity of the world is threatened by the machinations of an evil sea-goddess, who wants to flood the entire world (perhaps by encouraging global warming to return the planet to an earlier utopian time, of mostly ocean, little land, and jungle-hot weather). Her minions are various aquatic and semi-aquatic mythological creatures, mainly mermaids and sirens, who act as secret agents – they insert themselves into world politics to encourage bad decisions and bring about the downfall of humanity.


The problem is that mermaids and sirens are almost unkillable. Like traditional vampires, they can come back from being┬áseemingly dead unless very specific steps are taken. There are obviously a few ways to kill them and keep them dead, but most of those are hard to do or require pilgrimages to mystic mountain shrines. The only relatively easy way is to eat them – thus absorbing their magical ocean power, and preventing it from reanimating them. Thus: mermaid sushi.


Almost every episode ends with the heroes resignedly eating yet more mermaid sushi to save the world. (There are probably consequences to eating the mermaids as well though – maybe with increasing ocean power also comes an increasing capacity for the sea-goddess villain to whisper into your mind directly, and to purify the power and get rid of the villain you have to do specific tasks. Like the mystic pilgrimage to the mountain or desert shrines, which are lost to modern mapping but can be found by those pure of heart and true of purpose.)


Happy new year, everyone ­čÖé

June 25: an alternate take on a shifter

June 25, 2016 Danielle 0

Last night, I dreamed that I was a “shifter”, a person who could change their shape. But unlike the common idea of a shapeshifter, I couldn’t change into animal bodies. Instead, I could modify my body in almost any way I could imagine.


I could grow my limbs to be much, much longer than normal (but also thinner, and weaker) – so I could reach up to the top of a high, barn door to pull myself up, and then re-compress my body at the top. My limbs became a little like pseudopods of me, extended outwards to the place I wanted to be able to touch, moved mostly by will rather than muscle. I could increase my density, thus decreasing my size and causing anything I landed on from a height to take a lot of damage from the experience. I could run fast, and for a long time, by willing my muscles to work more efficiently, and I could open and unlock things by making my fingers narrower and nimbler than any human’s fingers should be.


The most impressive thing I could do was to change so that I could breathe underwater, which I did (while trying to escape from a dangerous place and people who wanted to harm me). I had some indication that I could break off small pieces of me (hair, for example) after changing them to behave in a certain specific way, and they would continue to do that for a period of time after being separated form me before becoming inanimate and dead. For example, I cut some of my hair off and left it forming a sort of miniature boat on the surface of the water for a bird which was my friend, while I swam underwater.


I’ve always thought that shapeshifting was a fascinating idea, and I would genuinely love to be able to experience the world as a wolf or a cat or a bird – as long as I got to keep my own mind intact. But the dream-version of shapeshifting seemed like a really interesting take on the concept. Not changing into other things so much as not being entirely set in the basic human shape.


Anyway. It’s been a busy day, that’s all I have for you for today. More fiction tomorrow, promise.