Games were never just for children. We all play games, finite and infinite – which is to say, games with a fixed length and a defined win-or-lose end state, and games which don’t have a predetermined length and which are played for the sake of play rather than to win. Those are my favourite games.

I started playing role-playing games when I was twelve. My aunt and uncle gave me an old red Dungeons & Dragons Basic boxed set, which they didn’t use any more. I read it from cover to cover and proceeded to start creating plots and stories, drawing maps, and running games for my brother and my cousins to play. I made characters, too; every variation of a storybook heroine (or hero) that I might secretly have wished I could be. I’ve really never looked back.

Role-playing taught me a lot of things. It sharpened my maths skills (have you tried using the To-Hit-Armor-Class-Zero score, affectionately known as THAC0, in actual game-play??) and my ability to communicate effectively and negotiate my way out of trouble, albeit imaginary trouble. It let me tell stories, and find out what kinds of stories I wanted to tell.

I never stopped creating games, scenarios and worlds and variations of rules. The bits and pieces here are categorised by the game-world which they are linked to. Some are available for free, others are for sale (even storytellers have bills to pay). I hope you like them.