Dragons of Yarthe

The Dragons of the Western Isles make their home in the expanse of territory west of Europa, encompassing the large islands also occupied by the Pictish halfling clans, as well as the expanse of islets and shoals in the Western ocean. They are territorial, but social, living in clans but frequently interacting with one another. Many dragon clans have alliances and friendships with the sea-folk who share their territories, or whose territories make them neighbours, as well as with the coastal halfling clans of the Western Isles.

As much like birds as they are like reptiles, these dragons fly very well and swim with great speed and dexterity. They are vastly long-lived, more so even than elves or dwarves, and naturally inclined towards magic. Many of them become sorcerers or bards, while others hunt and adventure in the oceans and skies surrounding their clan’s territory.